North America

by The Anatomy of Frank

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    After The Anatomy of Frank made the astonishing announcement last year that they were going to record an album on every continent, the first compilation is now completed. “North America” will be released in the US on October 2, 2015.

    Featuring the band's "CD as part of the poster" design, this package will include a full-sized poster, CD, lyrics, and cardboard box.

    Artwork by Jimmy Bullis and Tim Price.
    Logo by Anna Radcliffe.

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I’m selling my father’s station wagon for a rusty motorboat an outboard Haul one-hundred and twenty the wind chill’s stabbing me in the lungs I have fallen ill with a cold I think I’m gonna like it in this place say it once and say it out loud apologize and wash your mouth because you are not in the mood, my dear and you haven’t been for a while now my brother is smiling on the carpet you wouldn’t know something was wrong the dishes in the sink are a mountain we had dreams of finding an apartment in a sooty city loft I think we would have liked it enough the words flutter sadly to the floor and are trampled into griminess the moonlines are lapping at the shore and mock us with their timelessness I am sorry I’m so apologetic
in a stocking cap I slept on her lap as we waited in a car garage in Burlington to pass the evening breathing Lake Champlain February rain her chapstick left a print that wouldn’t fog on the windowpane built of brick and built of stone broken car and broken home I hung my head outside the pharmacy wishing I could be alone cities grow and cities fall into a hundred strip malls may the mountains keep us sheltered from the ugliness of it all cuticles stained red Samuel, rest your head you were kinder than the rest who came here before you did twenty implements of change an anglicized name a generation born with no shame a forest of fast food chains a winter of driving rain an opinion to proclaim a senator to blame a population to enflame a bridge over Lake Champlain four centuries of man in a garbage can I realize now that I, too am a selfish man but I can’t love like I used to and I can’t give like I used to I couldn’t pull apart the heart I had for everyone and give it to you
you built planes with an engineering degree to reclaim what they stole from your family tree after the rain, the rumble strips reflect the sky after the plane, the sun surprises your eyes you drove us to the river in a blue Chevrolet I was swimming with a ghost floating toward the coast we jumped off a cliff and our eye movement slowed your skin was turning black from a spot on your back you left a fortune sitting on your desk in Everett when a phone call left you four years you thought a proper grave would manifest in Leavenworth I’ll leave here, you won’t leave here you know, you know you know there’s nothing here that you should be upset about nothing scares you, nothing terrifies you anymore the Navy paid for school and you paid back the debt by pulling a helmet on and diving dirty bombs
We were young, young and free, freely bound together We gazed into each other’s eyes, we cried at our wedding Tears are a funny things, yes a strange token Even when they spring from joy, they whisper something’s broken Three years in, I made our bed, I made up my mind I’d bike across the countryside, just to make it mine Now I can’t even say, was I happy or jaded? Like spilled ink on a diary that blots all the old pages All my old pages Oh I didn’t think I was running from anything But there were some things that I couldn’t bring myself to think How I love you became a trite apology Or how you stiffened when you were touched by me My heart was dying of a thousand bruises But I know a guilty heart accuses Did I dream it all up, oh tell me now Did you take the slightest pause before you took your vow? On those days when I saw nobody for hours I saw your face in patterns of the shriveled springtime flowers On those nights when the only sound was the hotel AC dying There through the stillborn air, I could hear you crying Or were you? Oh I made so many vows hunched over my Ertegun My life was a ray, straight-shooting for the rising sun I’ll be clean, I’ll be good, I’ll treat you right I know And above all else, I’ll go, I’ll go When I was through, life lost its motion I stayed up all night, drinking and smoking Waves lapped my feet; I was eroding I felt the world shift but couldn’t control it When he opened the door I didn’t understand
You crumple all your money into plastic bags And you dump it over all their heads And they’ll pour it back to local businesses You’re giving up all hope of an interstate That would route people through the town For the smug diversion of one quick look around You’ll gentrify the outskirts Encroaching on your personal space You’ll reinvent the wheel Instead of rolling out of this place Because running from your problems And fixing all your problems Sometimes appear to look the same You gather all the brightest from the local schools to compete for a free ride In their Sunday blazers and orange and blue ties They’re trained by the pillars of the Lion’s club To possess an opportunist’s flair And to tell you exactly what you want to hear These kids aren’t just opening the door They are clawing at the knob And name-dropping Mr. Jefferson Like he might get them a job Life seems pretty easy When highschool was such a breeze But there’s a cruel, cold world of finance, kid And it’ll knock you to your knees You’ll put a foot in the middle When we come down the slide But southern Virginia Is running out of places to hide The best plan you’ve devised To dig your town out of a hole Is asking unanswerable questions To some rich eighteen year olds And o’er the quilted plains of kudzu And every overgrown marquee Get the kids out of here From overeager thespians To photogenic lesbians Who suck each others’ lips off to mortify the elder residents They’ll fill the local theater To a third of all its parts You kids are kind of dirty But there’s some profit in the arts You’ll put a foot in the middle When we come down the slide But southern Virginia Is running out of places to hide They say life would be sweeter If you’d step back on the ground Do the right thing, and let nature reclaim this failure of a town And for the red, white and blue Neon tubes behind the bars Get the kids out of here
When I have kids Will they know me like you did Or will they think Nothing ever made me flinch When I am old When I am sitting in a home With my new friends Quoting hip-hop from the 90s Will you call And say you’ve given us some thought And you’d like to give us one more shot While I am young While I’m too proud to bite my tongue Everything Is a cause for revolution You won’t call I tried for too many corrections And people don’t work like elections No one changes based on incentives And you could never stomach the lectures
It’s not that the bad ones get to me it’s that good ones don’t anymore and the dreams that once got me through the day now haunt me at night in repetitive cycles We get conditioned to success and much more sensitive to failure and the thicker my skin gets my heart just gets that much frailer With every bit of negativity that I bravely swallow I’m just that much more likely to end up boring and hollow And darling if I set you free I hope you come running back to me because the years feel like the months now, they are passing right through me The failures are the ones who teach you A piece of decency just makes you weaker You are tearing me apart, Lisa
I’m waking up with great ideas that fell apart fuck a brain, I’ve got a heart I can’t keep quiet Vancouver, Vancouver, you’re looking better every day and I hate to turn away each time that you whisper my name A million astronauts manage bank accounts all day cause when their childhood went away, their dreams went with it They work below the clouds, when above the sky is blue yeah, and I could be them too, with lists of things I didn’t do I’m waking up so slowly with the sunlight in my eyes and I know exactly why I’ve put off leaving Should I pack up my things before I lose the will to go? because if I stayed here, I know I would die sadly And if I die before I wake I’d only want you to take me away from here A foggy morning turns to a rainy afternoon and if I don’t get there soon, I might prefer sunshine Vancouver, Vancouver, you’d better hide your face from me because I couldn’t stand to be apart if you were right for me
seven-thirty, your alarm’s on its third round your eyes won’t open the key to the snowmobile is frozen to the ground until April heat’s escaping through the cracks in your window to the morning milk is colder when the street lights are still burning the sun is broken the TV goes unused it’s better to seclude yourself from the news my shadow’s forty times as tall as I’ll ever be but when I’m farther from the light I am infinite there’s voltage stretched across the gas to shed a yellow light that haunts the top of the world for the satellites the snow is piled around the house stairs climb out of it the horizon blushes pink at noon I can’t climb out of it my shutter’s slowing to a crawl painting blurry lines each person’s two hundred feet long the streetlight waves a magic wand and I’m a big fish in a little pond but when I turn to look the satisfaction’s gone my car is coughing up a lung when it’s woken up leaves a trail of cumulus clouds down Mackenzie we’re alcoholics half the year in the wintertime a roaming polar bear was killed near the powerlines no one ever went to New York


After The Anatomy of Frank made the announcement last year that they were going to record an album on every continent, the first compilation is now completed. “North America” will be released in the US on October 2, 2015.

Featuring the band's "CD as part of a poster" design, this package will include a full-sized poster, CD, and lyrics.


released October 2, 2015

All songs by The Anatomy of Frank.
Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Lance Brenner.
Mastered by Alan Douches.


all rights reserved



The Anatomy of Frank Charlottesville, Virginia

The Anatomy of Frank will record an album on every continent on earth. Europe is next. "The Anatomy of Frank blend the complexity of post-rock with the immediate likability of pop-rock to create music that will get stuck in your head without ever driving you crazy." - Pretty Much Amazing ... more

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