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    This is the prologue to The Anatomy of Frank's 7-album continent saga. It features the band's innovative poster/CD combination.

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If I could bend you with my powers I’d make you fall asleep for hours I’d count the breaths that you were breathing And try to limit myself to that many reasons Why I’d stay up till five in the morning Hoping you would kiss me without warning Why I was broken when you left me Not even an hour after you met me You’re impossible, you know I can’t get it through my head There’s someone singing in my shower Let’s stay awake another hour The morning makes you look so tired The sunlight wakes you through your eyelids So come and build yourself a stigma I’ll do my best to remain an enigma If the mystery makes me more appealing I won’t lay claim to the feeling That we should make some terrible decisions Before we can predict our own revisions You’re such a charismatic limit To my free time But this is why I’ll let it slide for you Is it not obvious that nothing would be better Than writing you a letter to say You are a genuine sensation And I can’t escape infatuation And if you choose to abuse it At least I’ll write some pretty music You are beautiful, you know How did this happen to me
Don’t call me a friend, that’s a cruel demotion There are other fish swimming in your ocean I think I’d prefer to be a ghost When we moved on, only I moved on You still thought about us after I was gone I'll claw my way out of this house I could strain some art out of this But there are just too many lines here to sever I gave up on flogging my back But there’s a lot of room between not now and never And I think I might just like this one better Darling, you are happy, but I liked it more when The thought of me made you lonely every morning I'll claw my way out of this Mogwai stole my chord progression And left me only trite expressions
Darling, did you hear the news? It’s a landslide, a landslide We’ve stumbled into dangerous lands And it’s goodbye, and goodnight for us They keep their opinions Circling like caged birds, but we Laid down and pretended They were crazy, crazy It has been a while since we’ve been understood It feels so good to push Then why are you teething? My lips are bleeding I could build you palindromes of Palindromic repetition If you want to eat me Then maybe you need me I know it’s a risky game for our mothers to live with But I’d play for a thousand years Just to lose it, I’d choose it Without this, you wouldn’t know me There is joy in being lonely Everyone is coming out to see Who we are and what we have become Don’t pretend that you are here for the fair food I can see that ashy smile decaying from your lips You only know how to dance When I control your hips
I didn’t think I’d ever see a shop window That wasn’t soon advertising to rent the space Is there a single person on this council who is older than their money? Or would please let someone circumcise this place? There’s dollars to be made down at the Speedway Or convincing parents they should pay for school Or dealing hard powder to the trailer trash on 220 And assuring them that God will smite the fools If you want to play golf on the weekends And mutter that the green used to be thick The ticket to the high life in the bottom of a top-heavy Virginia Is fixing all the people who are sick When we drink, it’ll be in our parents’ basements While mom and dad yell upstairs at CNN When you grew up with Jesus outtaxing the city The only thing that’s there to do is sin And send the linings of our stomachs to the sewers once again
Off in our own circles we are spinning away Nothing can stop us now You never were the one to take initiative I guess neither was I Sometimes our lives just don't seem to stop Breathe in, breathe out Somewhere between the breaths you disappeared It doesn't mean I drew a line Now days I don't think about you at all I'm sure it's the same with you There's hardly room in your life anyways No time to start things anew With friends like me who needs strangers? In ten years I might not even remember your name Though it's nice to think that everything mattered So here's a song to our amity In all its spotless tatters
The dawn and the evening Pull together like a vice Shortening my day to a dull forest fire on the horizon Shortening my curfew to a moment When there’s nothing left of you but an aroma Three feet of snow And four weeks of shows to go Cities made of solitude blinking at me from the skyline Blinking like an iris in the evening When I’m sleepy and the road sounds like your breathing Pharmacies flicker in a bruised purple nighttime Headlights drift like lanterns through kaleidoscopes between my eyelids Retracing places where I used to kiss you Makes it that much easier to miss you Another southern town Seven down and seven more to go Will we reunite with you wanting me or nothing of me Darling, just the way I talk about you Hastens my ability to doubt you I have never missed anybody I knew I wouldn’t see again And do you think I’d ever let this happen If I thought I could only be your friend I don’t know you I know you I know you I just never know what you are gonna say I don’t know you I know you I know you I just never know what you are gonna say
The moonlight scatters off The cumulous mountaintops To radiate back into space Lightly reflected White and rejected I’m left floundering I’m left floundering The moonlight lands in Paris And trickles down the street Flows between cobblestones A patchwork mosaic Filthy and archaic I’m left collapsing I’m left collapsing
There’s venom in my teeth And phantoms in my veins But I’m too self-absorbed To make good on these claims There’s headlines in my eyes And buzzing in my brain That slow my heartbeat And make me so mundane
Even as we fall apart We reconstruct your face Laughing at the way you looked And whispering your name Think of all the ugly people Hiding in their rooms Either they were beautiful Or we are ugly too Even as the mothers cry Their children run around Leaving all their smeared mascara Trampled to the ground I know you and I’m not satisfied The preacher says to us That you will rise again That we will see you smile at us And touch unbroken skin He disregards the hopeless souls And comforts those who pray Who sit with the children Thinking they’ll see you someday Even as we whisper prayers We’re shedding our insanity in layers I know you and I’m not satisfied I feel small and have no place to hide So fearlessly we flaunt our facelifts We wear our shackles like designer bracelets We fill our lungs with indiscretion And blow hot breath over a chord progression You were so inspired How can I be so tired The man from the asylum On the dirty side of town Writes sonatas while you sleep And throws your name around
You are so predictable, my pretty little idiot I can read your mind, it consists of 3-letter words Except for “um” with fifteen m’s behind it That’s more than three That’s easy to see Can you count? Hey, that’s good for you If so, would you mind conducting a tally of the Hours I have wasted waiting for your time of day You can count by tens You can use both hands I wish you could kill me I wish you were not so pretty I wish you were acting So I wouldn’t have to blame myself I’m so proud of you for remembering not to call
I could be your wrecking ball and tear down every wall that seemed to thwart you and I know I´m not tough but I would fuck the fucker up who try to hurt you We could sail to Neverland and rent a flat for 1300 Euros or I could drive you up the coast to an apartment in your favorite of the burroughs I could go to Iceland, but I´d make new friends and only talk about you and I know I´m a mess but I would be an even bigger mess without you And when I die, I hope my name fades with my ashes and all that remains is a brief revival of mustaches and one contagious smile from when you said something witty that to this day spreads through the faces of this city


This is the beginning.


released July 16, 2013

All songs © The Anatomy of Frank 2013.


all rights reserved



The Anatomy of Frank Charlottesville, Virginia

The Anatomy of Frank will record an album on every continent on earth. Europe is next. "The Anatomy of Frank blend the complexity of post-rock with the immediate likability of pop-rock to create music that will get stuck in your head without ever driving you crazy." - Pretty Much Amazing ... more

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